This Is Unbelievable… Breeder’s Cup Classic 2009…

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I am counting down the days to this year’s Breeder’s Cup races .  Santa Anita Race track  is our favorite track in California and yes, we prefer it over Del Mar, but it’s just our personal preference because Del Mar is also a beautiful track.  The track is nestled at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains and the scenery looks like something you’d see on a post card. I kid you not, it’s beautiful and a visit to Santa Anita should be on your bucket list; if it isn’t already, and if you haven’t heard about this yet… Next year’s Breeder’s Cup races will once again be held in Arcadia, California!  3-straight years in a row, how exciting!

My very first visit to a race track was at Santa Anita for the 2009 Breeder’s Cup Races and for a newbie just learning about the sport; I was in awe.  How lucky was I to have my first racing experience to be at the Breeder’s Cup World Championships! Everywhere around me was filled with excitement. The racing fans, the horses, the jockey’s the energy was buzzing around me, and it took me awhile to catch my breath!

Since this is the 30th year for the Breeder’s cup races; I’m sure we can all recall a favorite Breeders Cup moment/or moments, and I wanted to share with you one of mine. For the avid race fan, you will probably recognize this memorable call by Trevor Denman and could tell me the exact race I’m talking about:

“This is Un—Be—Liev—Able!  Zenyatta!  What a performance one will never forget”  ….

Zenyatta - Breeder Cup Classic

Yes, one of my favorite horse’s of all time… The Great, Zenyatta.  There were many in the industry who doubted her ability to triumph against the best male horses in the world, but this would be her time to shine.

The public loved her, and everywhere you looked there were people holding these awesome signs: Girl Power! Go Zenyatta. I love to collect horse racing memorabilia, so my sentimental bet was a $2.00 win ticket on the #4 in Race 9 of the Breeders Cup Classic race.

Zenyatta - Breeders Cup Classic

I still get super excited when I watch this  A—Mazing race!  Just imagine yourself in the middle of this excitement as people around you are cheering, then crying tears of joy as Zenyatta became a part of racing history. She scored her 14th straight victory, and become the first female horse to beat the males in the richest race in all of North America.

What a memorable moment for everyone in the crowd to have been there to watch Zenyatta’s spectacular race!

Video Courtesy of YouTube, by: ‪HappyDane95

Win And You’re In; Not Your Average Race Horse…

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I’m a fan that gets excited about the sport of horse racing and all the great horses through time. Names that been repeated dozens of times throughout the years bringing fond memories to each racing fan.

To the average person who knows nothing about horse racing all racehorses tend to look the same. Some are brown; some are gray and some are even black. Their colors are brilliant, and without a saddle cloth you can’t tell one from the next, but look closer because each of these horses has a name; a name that has been engraved in time. Their names have become a part of racing history, and every racing fan will remember their favorite horse.

By far; not your average racehorse…

This summer, the Breeders Cup Challenge races get under way and the “Win and You’re in” races have begun. There are 67 qualifying races spanning 10 countries. Each of the 14 Breeders Cup divisions have challenge races. Every connection in horse racing is hoping to get an invitation to one of the greatest racing weekend of the year… the Breeder’s Cup World Championships held once again, at Santa Anita Park, on November 1st and 2nd.

The best is yet to come.

I can faintly hear the cheers and excitement brewing for this special weekend. To be a part of Breeders Cup weekend is a thrill in itself. You will be captivated by the energy that surrounds you, and watching these beautiful creatures run with speed and finesse is amazing! In a mere seconds your eyes will capture the wonderment of a 1,200 lbs race horse running by you like a freight train, and you will be able to sense the beauty, power and determination of these beautiful creatures.

There is awesome information on the Breeder’s Cup website, click HERE . “The Hall of Champions” honors each and every Breeders’ Cup champion dating back to the very first winner in 1984, Wild Again. It provides you with a picture, detailed information and the actual race replay! From triumphed comebacks to thrilling photo finishes, we can all go back in time to once again experience the thrill of victory!

I’m sure many of you will remember some of these spectacular horses!

Who is your favorite Breeders Cup Classic winner?

Freedom Star May Want a Piece of that Apple Pie…

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Busy on the Derby Trail,  I’ve been lost in translation chasing who’s hot and who’s not and haven’t written a blog in 3 weeks!.  It’s getting very close to separating the contenders from the pretenders and the thrill of April 30 and May 1st quickly approaching is just too exciting!

Lots of great fillys and Mares but one that stands out at the moment is front running Freedom Star who dominated the Azeri Stakes and is looking hot, and ready to rumble!  She once again had a gate to wire win this past Sunday in the Harry Henson H. Stakes at Sunland Park to rack up a second consecutive win.

4-year-old daughter of Street Cry under the reigns of Bob Baffert is one fast filly, and definitely a “star” to watch.  When challenged by her competitors she is able to literally run them down. Could Freedom Star be ready to bite into the magical apple and face some real contenders in the Apple Blossom Invitational (gr1) on April 9?

If Freedom Star does make it to the Apple Blossom, it will be a very interesting race.  We’ll see if she is up for a match with big sis Zenyatta who is also out of Street Cry.  Wow, some really big shoes to fill and a really big piece of pie to eat!  With that said, I’m sure Dad is very proud of his two daughters…

Saturday the Unveiling of Brettyatta!

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It would seem that coming out of retirement is not only hip for football players…it’s now a thoroughbred thing, or maybe a California thoroughbred thing. Anyway, it started with unlikely comeback of Lava Man, and now, you got it, the return of the Queen – Zenyatta.

As a huge Zenyatta fan, I was there in the stands when Trevor Denman called her Breeder’s Cup victory “Un-Be-lie-va-ble!”  While she was sporting the familiar #4  of Brett Fevre, you had to be there to feel the energy of the cheering crowd. It was a historical event and simply an incredible feat of perfection.

Then disappointment struck us all, when the Moses’ acknowledged Zenyatta’s retirement. A perfect 14-0 career was to end in celebration at Hollywood Park. I had it in my mind that I was heading out to Los Angeles to be there and see Zenyatta for the last time before she headed out to Kentucky.

The retirement celebration was wonderful and quite sentimental as the latter part of Sunday was dedicated to the one and only Zenyatta, and her incredible 14-0 career. Many fans were touched by her greatness and presence as well as her little Spanish dance that would entertain the crowd. Her burning desire to win would leave her legacy to the sport of thoroughbred horse racing.

Fast forward to March 2010. Will Zenyatta be the Bret Favre of  horse racing?

Many of you know, Brett Favre is widely considered the greatest quarterback of all time so when he announced his retirement for the second time in his career he broke a lot of hearts once again; only to mend them weeks later when he decided not to retire and join the Minnesota Vikings. It was a great move as Brett led the Vikings to the NFC championship game, only to fall a little short of the Super Bowl.

Zenyatta is now out of retirement and ready to show us what she is really all about. Let’s hope 2010 is as great year for her as last year was for Brett Favre. With the Santa Margarita Stakes around the corner and the Race of the Century, the Apple Blossom in early April; we have much to look forward to. Zenyatta may continue to show us what perfection is all about!