About Me

I’m very passionate about the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. I love everything about it. All it took was reading an interesting article about the sport, and I was hooked.

Since then, anything and everything with horse racing intrigues me and I absolutely love just talking about the races, and everything that involves this great sport.

I actually started this blog back in 2009, the year of “Girl Power” and as I originally stated  back then…It was just the beginning for “Girl Power”.   2009 was an awesome year for the great Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta. We can all think back and recall…”Girl Power” was at its’ finest.

Fast forward now to 2013, the contribution of the female presence has brought a nice flare to the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. It’s my goal as an avid horse racing fan and handicapper to jump back on that wagon and share my thoughts and information with readers who are interested in this exciting sport!  I absolutely love  talking about the horses… So Skim the Rail was created.  There’s just something about this phrase that gives me an instant visual picture.  It’s that potential victory when the announcer says the horse is, “skimming the rail”.  We have all seen some amazing victories from Street Sense to the amazing 50-1 Kentucky Derby win by Mine That Bird.

Lets hope that your favorite horse will be “skimming the rail” to victory in this year’s “Run for the Roses”!

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